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Hathavidya Traditional School of Yoga
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Intermediate Level

“Amakumba Ivambhahstho Jiryamanah Sada Ghatah/Yoganalena Samdahya Ghatasuddhim Samacaret//”

The body invariably wears away like an unbaked earthen jar immersed into water. (Therefore) the body should be conditioned by tempering it with the fire of Yoga.

Gheranda Samhita I.8

This course is premeditated to encourage yoga practioner to accomplish substantial and cerebral maturity through selected yogic techniques. Also it helps to understand yoga well with resonance base.


31 Asana

Kumbhaka Padhati (Breath Retention Techniques i.e Pranayama)

Meditation Techniques (level 3 & 4)

Yoga Nidra

Introduction to Bandhas (3 Bandha)

Yogic cleansing process (Kapalabhati)