Hatha Vidya

Hatha Vidya Traditional School of Yoga is the International wing of the Hatha Vidya Gurukulam, India. We aim at seeking out the quintessence of Yogic Science, taking utmost care to not lose the traditional values and principles inculcated by our ancient sages and great masters.

Trainings at a Glance

We have structured our yoga learning programs/ courses to suit the individual needs of the people. We have grouped our classes into foundation, advanced, and sadhana level depending on experience of the practioner and progression level in Yoga.

Regular Classes

Our regular classes primarily cover asana practices along with basic pranayama and meditation. Our classes are designed for not only the beginners, but also for practitioners with prior knowledge of Yoga. Practices are systematically introduced, so that students can move step by step into deeper understanding of Yoga.
We also offer online classes so that you can enjoy the benefits of our regular classes from your home.

Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance International. Teacher Training programs are delivered in different phases – each phase includes sessions of Yoga asanas, different types of cleansing processes, relaxation techniques, meditation techniques, theory and textual understanding. We believe that only those who have experienced a thorough knowledge of all the above, can sincerely impart training to others.

Master Class

Hatha Vidya also offers a Master Class once in every two years to its students who are handpicked by the Acharya, based on their practice and eligibility to join the course. This is a Sadhana based program where practitioners are guided on a person-to-person basis on how they can make Yoga to be a part of their lives.

Yoga For Children

Sowing the seed of Yoga at an early age will help children to grow as strong, balanced, and responsible individuals capable of facing the challenges of life.
Through such Yoga practices the children are enabled to become aware of their strengths and to bring out their dormant potential. Our Kids Yoga classes can be taken up by the children between the age group of 5 years to 13 years.

Yoga Philosophy

We are offering a course on Yoga Philosophy, which takes into consideration some very important and well-known literature on Yoga and it is intended to help the practitioner to connect the theory with practice, which is very rare to find. We are also offering a course on Patanjala Yoga Sutra.

Health Management

Yoga postures have the ability to protect our body from disease as well as provide survival powers for today’s competitive cosmopolitan environment. Hatha Vidya conducts classes in ‘Yoga Therapy’, Weight management, and Pre Natal & Post Natal Yoga blending the ancient knowledge with modern medical science.

12 Years Sadhana

The 12 Years Sadhana program is meant for those true seekers who have the intent and determination to reach the highest goal in Yogic science to achieve one’s fullest potential.

Special Programs

Our special programs include Yoga for Seniors with customized classes to meet the requirements of senior citizens. As part of our Yoga for Corporates program, we develop and offer bespoke training programs for corporate entities to help manage the health and well-being of its employees.


We conduct periodic Workshops covering topics on Yoga practices that provides opportunity for the participants to gain insights on the theory and application of the yogic practices. Our workshops are aimed to introduce a birds-eye-view of the ancient teachings to the Yoga aspirants.


We conduct yoga retreats that provides an opportunity to apply the practices the way they are meant to be that helps the practioner to get a glimpse of yogic experience in its truest sense.

Online Sessions

Our online sessions are live sessions streamed online wherein the participants can join from their premises.
This is the new norm, and with this there is an advantage to many Yoga aspirants who are physically away from our studios but would want a part of the experience.
Currently our online classes are limited to regular classes and other selected training programs.

Our Publications

Since 2010, Thapobhoomi, our publication division has published books, magazines, and other literature to promote and spread the knowledge in Yogic science.


We publish an e-magazine every quarter to provide insights on yogic practices, yoga philosophy, and textual understanding.


Hatha Vidya offers unique career opportunity to those who are interested in joining our team.
Those who have successfully completed any of our teachers training courses become eligible to apply for teaching opportunities available with us, as per our policies.

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