Align Body With Mind... From Gross to Subtle
"Preserving Yoga For Generations"

Health Management


Body Is The Foremost Instrument For The Performance Of All Duties

Yoga postures have the ability to protect our body from disease as well as provide survival powers for today’s competitive cosmopolitan environment. Hatha Vidya conducts ‘Yoga Therapy’ classes, blending this ancient knowledge with modern medical science.


Chandrayanam* is a weight loss program which follows the moon cycle. This program is based on ancient austerity practices consisting of structured diet plan, some selected asanas, and breathing techniques. This program consists of 30 classes which vary daily, according to the changing phases of the moon. Practitioners who can successfully practice for the structured 30 classes, can achieve a substantial amount of weight loss and complete rejuvenation. All that is required is discipline and commitment towards the practice.

There are two ways of practicing Chandrayanam.

Pipeelika (Ant) - The cycle goes between the Full Moon – New Moon – (ends with the next) Full Moon

Yavam (Barley) - The cycle goes between the New Moon – Full Moon – (ends with the next) New Moon

* Subject to enquiries. Please contact for registrations


Pre Natal & Post Natal Yoga

Parental Yoga is a multifaceted approach which involves stretching and focuses on breathing. Gentle stretching often relieves many of the common discomforts during pregnancy, while specific postures help moms prepare for labor. Postnatal Yoga program is designed to be safe after childbirth as it is focused on muscles used in labor. It enables mothers to reconnect with the vital energy, core strength, and inner balance.

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