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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching Yoga for young children has a different approach from the adults’ yoga practice. How it will benefit the little ones also depends upon factors like their age and their state of mind. Our Kids Yoga Teacher’s Training Program has a carefully developed curriculum and training methodology catering to this requirement.

Teachers completing this program will get a clear indication of what and how they can teach Yoga for children based on their age and condition. Those who enroll for this program will also get an opportunity to assist in teaching Kids at our center to get a hands-on experience of training children in Yoga.

Course Duration & Schedule

This YAI accredited 100hr TTC program is for a duration of 3 months. All the necessary study materials are provided to the participants which includes Hatha Vidya Yoga’s own publication book for Kids Yoga - “The Drops” and “The Blossoms”.

To know more details of the schedule and the upcoming batches, please Click Here

Suitability and Considerations for this Course

This program is suitable for those who intend to provide Yoga training to small children between 5 years to 13 years.

School teachers, caretakers, those who are dealing with children, aspiring Kids Yoga Teachers and also parents who can learn and get benefitted by using it at their home for guiding their children.

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