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Master Class

Hatha Vidya offers a Master Class once in every two years to its students who are handpicked by the Acharya, based on their practice and eligibility to join the course.

So what are the other Eligibility criteria?

This one year Master Class is offered to those practitioners who have reached the required level of understanding and knowledge of Yoga as assessed by the Acharya. All the students who have completed their 300hr and 500hr Yoga TTC with Hatha Vidya Yoga Centre, are only eligible to be a part of this Master Class.

Students who have at least gathered 2 years of experience and who want to have more experience in the study of Yoga are allowed to join this course. This is not a Teachers Training Course, but this is for those teachers who are curious to dwell deeper in to the practice of Yoga and to adopt Yoga as a Lifestyle.

What makes this Master Class different?

This is a Saadhana based program. This is not a group class, where everything is scheduled and taught, based on a curriculum, but this Master Class adopts an individual based methodology. Individuals are guided on a person-to-person basis on how they can make Yoga to be a part of their lives.

What is the Duration of this Master Class?

This is an advanced practice schedule of one-year duration, which will comprise of 900 hours. This includes 4 Yoga Saadhana Retreats of 3 days each. The Yoga retreats unlike the marketed Yoga retreats available, will not be a site-seeing holiday, but a strict Morning to Evening practice session, while maintaining Mauna for the entire duration. Practitioners will have to maintain a personal practice diary, recording their practices throughout the year.

Syllabus at a Glance
  • Kundalini Kriya (One Year Long)
  • Siddha siddhanta Padhathi
  • Shiv Samhita
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